Our role in Ecotoxicology

With many years of development and research experience in the neuroscience field, our behavioral analysis technology is now leading the industry. In recent years, ViewPoint sees a greater goal; to put more effort into improving the quality of the human living environment.

We have noticed that the environmental problem most relevant to our daily lives are getting worse especially those related to water pollution. For that reason, we are focusing on the development of powerful and efficient toxicity detection solutions, in order to be able to treat water pollution sources in the future in a fast and effective manner.

Purpose of PressRoom

This PressRoom is an online platform exclusively for ToxMate project. 
The main purpose is to provide comprehensive information database to all researchers and facility managers on wastewater monitoring, toxicity detection in water discharge and biomonitoring toxic response in effluents. It is relating a clearer and more thorough understanding of the ToxMate project and the business direction of our enterprise



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