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Novality in Zebrafish Research

i. Observation and Tracking of Zebrafish Larvae and Embryo made easy!

ii. Advance Methods to Analyze Zebrafish Behaviors

iii. Automated Tracking and Observation of Zebrafish Larvae and Embryos

iv. Automated Zebrafish Handling

v. Evidence-based Systems to Analyze Zebrafish Behaviors!


Zebrafish (Danio rerio), are small tropical fish ranging in size from 2.5cm to 4cm long. Zebrafish have become increasingly important in biological and scientific research and are being used as “model organism”. Biomedical researchers are showing a keen interest in zebrafish as model organism is becoming valuable for studying human diseases and genetics.

Why zebrafish has attained that much attention of researchers over the past few decades? There are many reasons, covering economical aspects as well as wider genetics aspects. Zebrafish is robust, small and cheaper compared to mice. Not only this, it produces hundreds of offspring in merely a week, providing researchers enough embryos to study. Some important reasons why model organism is a breakthrough in biomedical research are;

  • Fast growth rate, develop as much in a single day as a human embryo develops in one month.

  • Transparent embryo, allowing scientists to monitor the development of internal structures.

  • Fertilization and development of eggs outside the maternal body, allowing researchers to study early development, making it an ideal “model organism”.

  • Genetic makeup is similar to humans.

  • Share features of organs and tissues with humans including muscles, blood, eyes, and kidneys.

  • Ability to repair its heart muscles in weeks, providing an opportunity to study process variables helping humans with heart attacks or heart failures.

As a researcher, you might be thinking now how can we observe and track zebrafish larvae and embryo? And how can we analyze zebrafish behaviors? We have the solution for you - ZebraBox, the first-ever monitoring enclosure to analyze zebrafish behaviors and a complete system designed for high throughput analysis of zebrafish larvae in multi-well plates, optimizing your control over the experimental environment.

ZebraBox can revolutionize your research as it is fully automatic in observing and tracking larvae and embryos. It is versatile and reproducible providing you total control on abiotic factors and experimental conditions allowing you to do long term monitoring. ZebraBox facilitates your research by providing you with a double anti-vibration system, cold light control, light control, direct observation technology, soundproof system, and temperature control.

Salient features that make ZebraBox a breakthrough in the scientific world include its ability to monitor embryos from 36hpf, adaptability to all standard microplates, light heat control, and water flow system. ZebraBox allows you to directly observe the subjects to avoid image distortion, equipped with an infrared backlit plate and professional-grade digital camera.

VisioBox is another component of ZebraLab, which is a fully automated high throughput system, allowing you to observe and track larval zebrafish visual behavior. It is our advanced level product enabling you to perform optokinetic response test and virtual prey capture of paramecia that requires live interaction of larvae with the screen. VisioBox is easy to use, flexible, robust and highly conserved, making it an ideal choice for the researchers to investigate visual system development.



  • automated observation and tracking of larval zebrafish visual behavior

  • suitable for OptoKinetic Response test (OKR) and other visual tasks of zebrafish.

  • allow high-throughput visual-oculomotor measurement on larval fish.

All listed features of our products are not just claims as efficiency and efficacy of our products is being supported by their excessive use in research. ZebraBox and Visiobox are used by many researchers and scientists these days to revolutionize their research. How different researches have made full use of the available technology offered by us? And/or How ZebraBox and VisioBox practically facilitated researchers in conducting research? Here are the shreds of evidence that support our narrative.

Recent research conducted on topic “Mutation of IPO13 causes recessive ocular coloboma, microphthalmia, and cataract”, suggested that loss of function of IPO13 could lead to ocular coloboma, microphthalmia, and cataract in humans and zebrafish. This study used ZebraBox to analyze the visual motor response (VMR) in larvae and optokinetic software to analyze the optokinetic response. Researchers of this study were satisfied with ZebraBox and OKR as they were able to perform experiments with ease and get accurate results as our products are highly optimized, providing you control over all process variables.

Another research on the topic “Use of zebrafish larvae as a multi-endpoint platform to characterize the toxicity profile of silica nanoparticles” got benefitted by our automated PhotoMotor Response add-on. Researchers were able to record embryonic motion by our automated behavioral tracking system. Not only this, but the locomotor response of larvae was also analyzed using a ZebraBox tracking device for automated behavioral recording. Using our products, researchers were not only able to reproduce their results but were also able to control temperature, light, and other environmental conditions easily that were critical to perform the research.

Researchers studying “Nonlinear mixed-modeling discriminates the effect of chemicals and their mixtures on zebrafish behavior” were able to investigate zebrafish photo-motor response (PMR) using ZebraBox behavioral acquisition system, which facilitated them to use multiple configurations of light emitting diodes. Researchers also analyzed larval locomotor activity facilitated by ZebraBox system. Researchers were able to complete the research as our product allowing them to control light intensity and other process parameters which were critical to results.

So, if you are a researcher or scientist, do make full use of available technology in your research by utilizing the automated systems, ZebraBox and VisioBox of ViewPoint.

If you are a revolutionary researcher who understands the value of reproducibility of results and automated devices, who wants his research to be effective while dealing with zebrafish, feel free to contact ViewPoint. As ViewPoint is evidence-based solutions provider to researchers and scientists ~ we are free to innovate, ZebraBox and VisioBox are just an example of that innovation.


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