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Looking ahead to 2020: New challenge solution for water contamination

The quality of water due to the emission of wastage and chemicals from factories and households.
Discharge of dirty industrial wastewater into sea

Automated Tracking Solution Pioneer

ViewPoint was established in 1990 and pioneer to offer automatic tracking behavior analysis for rodents. We are a prominent name in the neuroscience industry. We provide state of the art automated behavior analysis/imaging technology, which allows long-term automatic recording, movements tracking, activity observations, and analysis for neuroscience, water quality and event plants.

Unlike other systems, ViewPoint solution are cost-efficient and user friendly. Scientists are using ViewPoint tools to drive the research at an unprecedented rate. We are the market leader in providing automatic behavior analysis of rodents, primates and Zebrafish. Our products apply to most behavioral tests in the fields of generative diseases, learning and memory, toxicology and drug discovery. We also provide custom-made products for special applications on demand. ViewPoint is a resource for the top scientists who are in search of a reliable automated behavior analysis solution. ViewPoint is suppling many leading researchers because of our constant innovation and wide product offering.

Worldwide Water Contamination Problem

Today we are facing a worldwide increase in contamination of freshwater systems by micropollutants. The industrial-revolution had an adverse effect on the quality of water due to the emission of wastage and chemicals from factories and households. Some of these chemicals contain components that raise considerable toxicological and health concerns. Almost one-fourth of the world’s population does not have access to clean drinking water.

The increase in micropollutants in ground and surface waters have a harmful effect on human and aquatic life. Therefore, the chemical pollution of natural waters has become a major concern in almost all parts of the world. The micropollutants are toxic substances and can be detected at low levels (micro or nanogram per liter). These micropollutants are threatening human existence by limiting food production, reducing the ecosystem functions and hindering economic growth. Water is a scarce resource and it is increasingly limited due to the worsening pollution of freshwater resources.

An innovation addresses serious water issues

ViewPoint is aware of this concern; that is why we applied to the “Horizon 2020” project, which is the biggest ever European Union Research and Innovation program. The total funding available is around €80 billion over seven years. Initiating a diversification in ViewPoint’s activities from neurosciences. We had a great idea to address challenges for the wastewater industry to detect toxicity occurring at their site. So that they can monitor the water release to our ecosystem and ultimately in drinking water. We used this funding to develop a product ToxMate - a bioindicator of water quality assessment. It is designed to monitor the multi-species behavior in a specific environment. It can analyze any living organism sized from 0.3 cm.

The ToxMate can analyze 48 animals simultaneously in one go. Researchers and professionals are using it to analyze up to three different species per experiment simultaneously. The effluents flow is pumped constantly in the entire apparatus, which allows all animals to be under the same experimental conditions.

ToxMate is a super easy-to-use system that is connected to the internet, which provides the opportunity for users to check the records online on any computer.

Powerful Software Support

We also offer customized related software to facilitate the analyses: VideoTrack, LabWatcher, and Fast Data Monitor (please inquire for further information). We are providing backup support to the scientists who are using our hardware and software as well. With the help of ToxMate, ViewPoint is trying to create a future where safe and healthy water will be available to everyone. In recent years, we have contributed a lot in this field and succeeded in offering a complete solution to detect water quality and take preventive actions.

Do not hesitate to CONTACT US to know more about our cutting-edge online toxicity monitoring solution for your water quality control/detection project.


The industrial-revolution had an adverse effect on the quality of water due to the emission of wastage and chemicals from factories and households. Industrial water and Water Pollution, CAUSES OF WATER POLLUTION


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