Spraying station

Phenomix spraying stations for automated high throughput plant phenotyping

Sprinklers can be manually adjusted regarding position on the sides and on the top of the chamber as well as liquid output throughput and covering.

Powerful pumps are used to ensure a constant pressure and debit during treatment for propoer reproducibility.

An extractor fan get the potentially toxic effluentfrom the chamber during the operation.

A typical spraying station is composed of:

 -A closed chamber to ensure proper delivery of the treatments in a secure way

 -An intermediate tank to store the compound to spray

 -An RFID reader to identify the plant coming in the chamber

 -Extractor fan to securely remove toxic effluent

 -Automatic doors at the entrance and exit of the chamber to maintain an hermetic environment

 -A push-button to release the plant when the operation is completed