RGB imaging station

Phenomix RGB plant phenotyping imaging station

This station consists of the construction of growth profiles of the plant entire canopy by acquiring time series using images in the visible light range (400 to 700 nm). This type of imaging can provide a quick way to quantify greenness parameter, plant biomass and growth in real-time.

Several parameters are automatically provided:

  • Geometric parameters such as convex hull (the smallest possible perimeter to envelop the image plant), smallest rectangle, round and ellipse surrounding the plant
  • plant skeleton
  • leave identification
  • Plant segmentation
  • Total leaf area
  • Single leaf segmentation, angles, width, depth, height
  • Color distribution of the leaf
  • Center of mass
  • Classification of shoot morphology

The RGB imaging can help to understand responses to heat and drought stress and evaluate water use efficiency of the plant.

A typical Imaging station is composed of :

  • A stopper in the transfer to hold pallets that need to be imaged
  • An RFID reader to identify the plant
  • A top lighting unit adapted to the chamber type
  • A top high-definition camera with a driven lens to take pictures of plants top view
  • A side lightening unit adapted to the chamber type
  • A side high-definition camera with driven lens to take pictures of plants side view
  • A rotating device with a motor to rotate the plant during the imaging and to take several pictures with different angles of view from the side
  • An optional vertical handler to adjust the height of the plant during the imaging operation
  • Doors that are automatically closed and opened before and after the imaging operation to isolate the plant from external light conditions and completely control the